1 W.A.G.S People

Over 6,000 personnel were trained as Wireless Operators/Air Gunners and Navigators at 1 W.A.G.S Ballarat during WW2. Approximately 20% of the trainees were killed in Action or on Active Service. Each trainee has a Profile Page with the following information - Killed or Discharged, Service History and where known a 1 W.A.G.S. Course number. Many profile pages include photos and notes regarding Operations, Squadrons,Theatres of War and P.O.W Status.

138 confirmed trainees became P.O.W with 30 listed as dying in captivity.

Below are photos of 1 W.A.G.S. trainees who later served in the RAAF and were KILLED during WW2. These photos have been included to commemorate their sacrifice and service.

Included in the Individual Profiles are photos, newspaper articles and information. Where possible EXTERNAL LINKS are able to be accessed to ensure that all websites and sources are acknowledged. If there have been any accidently excluded please advise on the CONTACT US page. If we have included Photos that are others property it has been done unintentionally and we seek permission. With over 6,000 names we are continously checking and updating our data base. We thank all those who have gererously allowed access to photos and information and commend their committment and continious research. We are more than happy to share our photos and data to families and other genuine websites. Thankyou Janet Bates Website Coordinator.

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GREEN Garnham FrederickJONES Edward KennionJONES Trevor William RobertSCHELDT Vernon JohnLANDSBERG James William

The following Names in alphabetical order are of those airmen who were both Discharged and Killed.

Service No.
Operations - Unit / Squadron


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